Intellimize raised $30M in a series B round led by Cobalt Capital

Intellimize is a start-up that aims to assist marketers to drive conversions by customizing websites. Recently, the company announced that it has raised $30 million in series B funding led by Cobalt Capital and other prominent companies. Nowadays, personalization is the key to increasing a company’s bottom line. A majority of customers feel frustrated when the website content isn’t tailored based on their requirements.

Moreover, personalization is also enabling brands to increase their user experience. Based on the latest research, companies have identified effective ways to implement personalization and drive revenues. The CEO of Intellimize opined that the company is mainly helping B2B brands to break the shackles and target a large number of customers.

Recently, the company has assisted Snowflake to generate 49% more leads with their website. Intellimize uses AI to generate interesting and interactive webpages for users. It also leverages third-party Machine Learning strategies to optimize the overall process of personalization. Intellimize can also implement certain adjustments to comply with the ever-evolving demands of modern customers.

Website optimization in today’s age is critical. Intellimize aims to simplify the overall process of webpage customization. It is important for modern-day marketers to run campaigns that align with their target audiences. Intellimize is helping numerous marketers derive data and insights along with device type and traffic source. The primary goal of Intellimize is to assist more marketers to deliver revenue and customers.

In the last few years, there has been rapid growth in the AI-driven personalization market. Even Google-powered AI solutions are gaining prominence. In this age, it is essential that marketers implement a solution that allows them to draw a large number of users. Even A/B web testing is garnering popularity among a large number of marketers. Let’s hope that Intellimizewill simplifies things for marketers and companies.