AI-powered Iterable raised $200M in a Series E round at a $2B Valuation

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A famous cross-channel platform concerning customer experiences, Iterable announced today that the 200 million series E values the company for 2 billion dollars post-money. The company says that its funds will be spent on marketing, hiring, and Research and development initiative, having a keen eye toward geographical expansion. Approximately 30% of marketers are genuinely confident … Read more

Intellimize raised $30M in a series B round led by Cobalt Capital

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Intellimize is a start-up that aims to assist marketers to drive conversions by customizing websites. Recently, the company announced that it has raised $30 million in series B funding led by Cobalt Capital and other prominent companies. Nowadays, personalization is the key to increasing a company‚Äôs bottom line. A majority of customers feel frustrated when … Read more

3D Hubs raised $18M to deliver 3D-printed items to your doorstep

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The advent of digital technologies is really shaping the world to a great extent; hence 3D printing technologies have come up to great use. 3D Hubs is one such company that is taking 3d printing products to the next level by offering various services. It is not for nothing the company announced raising as much … Read more